Restoring landscapes for life

The Endangered Landscapes Programme is building a future in which landscapes are enriched with biodiversity, establishing resilient, more self-sustaining ecosystems that benefit both nature and people.

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About the Programme

The Endangered Landscapes Programme aims to restore natural ecological processes, populations and habitats for a better and more sustainable future. It signals a shift away from ‘slowing declines’ and ‘no net loss’ to a positive and creative conservation agenda in which the potential of our land and seas is recognised.

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About the Endangered Landscapes Programme

The Endangered Landscapes Programme introduces a positive and optimistic agenda for action, reversing biodiversity loss and providing inspiration for a fundamental shift in the policy and practice of nature conservation. …

The Team

Drawing on their experience, networks and knowledge the international Oversight and Selection Panel (OSP) is responsible for recommending which projects should receive major grants by independently applying the programme’s criteria. …

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How to Support

The Endangered Landscapes Programme can only contemplate its ambitious and inspirational agenda because of the generous support received from the Arcadia Fund, whose founders share our commitment to nature conservation. …