Restoring ecosystems for life

The Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme is building a future in which landscapes and seascapes are enriched with biodiversity, establishing resilient, more self-sustaining ecosystems that benefit both nature and people

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Restoring land and seas across Europe

Over many centuries, Europe’s landscapes and seascapes have become degraded. Ecosystems are fragmented, species have been lost, and the populations of birds, insects and mammals are greatly diminished.

Europe needs to bring life back to its land and seas; we need to restore places where people can reconnect to nature and marvel at the natural world.

Restoring nature at scale is one of the best ways of tackling the twin climate and biodiversity crises, as well as enhancing the wide range of other benefits that nature provides – including clean air and water, fertile soil, flood protection and human health and wellbeing.

The Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme supports partners to restore landscapes and seascapes across Europe for the benefit of nature and people, building a healthier and more hopeful future.

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The Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme activity and impact in numbers:


listed as globally threatened by the IUCN benefitting from project actions


have engaged in ELSP projects


co-funding secured across the programme


of land and sea directly under restoration


made at conferences, knowledge fairs, and workshops


benefitting from project actions


attended project events


of land and sea newly protected


trained to help enhance natures's recovery

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Solent Seascape

The Solent, one of the most heavily used waterways in the UK, is composed of a complex network of harbours, islands, spits, estuaries and vast sandbanks. These threatened habitats provide refuge to a range of ecologically important and threatened species including the thresher shark and critically endangered European eel, as well as a wintering ground for over 125,000 ducks, geese, and waders. The Solent Seascape Project will reconnect the Solent into a functioning seascape by improving the condition, extent, and connectivity of key marine and coastal habitats using protection and restoration initiatives. This in turn will create habitat for fauna such as nesting seabirds and fish, and allow the area to contribute further to carbon sequestration. This innovative project is one of the first of its kind in the UK to initiate seascape level recovery.

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