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The Endangered Landscapes Programme is building a future in which landscapes are enriched with biodiversity, establishing resilient, more self-sustaining ecosystems that benefit both nature and people

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Ticino River Basin

Shared by Switzerland and Italy, the 250 km-long Ticino river is a functional terrestrial and aquatic ecological corridor connecting the Alps, the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea. Its myriad habitats harbour globally threatened species such as Adriatic sturgeon, white-clawed crayfish and Piedmont quillwort. However, intensive agriculture, urbanisation, development infrastructure and industrialisation have degraded native habitats.

Through a vision characterised as ‘one river – many systems – one landscape’, this project will develop a transboundary plan that would seek to restore landscapes and natural functionality, encourage sustainable livelihoods, enhance ecosystem services and foster resilience to climate change.

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