Applying to the Endangered Landscapes Programme – First deadline 21st August 2017

Application to the Endangered Landscapes Programme is through an invitation-only, closed call for Expressions of Interest. The deadline for EoIs is 21st August 2017.

The programme has invited 21 networks and organisations, mainly working internationally,
regionally or sub-regionally, to lead teams and to coordinate submission of Expressions of Interest to
the programme from their members.

Partnership is critically important to successful restoration at landscape scale. The organisations and
networks invited to apply are encouraged to collaborate with one another, as well as with
community organisations, local government, research institutions, local and national NGOs,
companies and private landowners.

Any organisation that is not on this list but which is interested in applying to the programme should
connect with the contact person of one of these organisations to explore possibilities for

There will be a second call for proposals, later in the programme, when organisations will be invited
to apply for one of several ‘innovation and planning grants’. That will be an open call, published on
the programme’s website.

For further information or if you have any questions please contact the Programme Manager at the
Cambridge Conservation Initiative, Dr David Thomas ([email protected]).

1. BirdLife International (Ivan Ramirez [email protected])
2. British Trust for Ornithology (Rob Fuller [email protected])
3. Cambridge Conservation Forum (Roger Mitchell [email protected])
4. CEEweb for Biodiversity (Lubomira Vavrova [email protected])
5. Botanic Gardens Conservation International (Ecological Restoration Alliance of Botanic Gardens
(ERABG)) (Paul Smith [email protected])
6. European Centre for River Restoration (ECRR) (Martin Janes [email protected])
7. Euronatur (Gabriel Schwaderer [email protected])
8. Fauna & Flora International (Paul Hotham [email protected])
9. Frankfurt Zoological Society (Michael Brombacher [email protected])
10. International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) (Chris Buss [email protected])
11. Landscape Group UK (National Trust, Wildlife Trusts, Scottish Wildlife Trust, Woodland Trust,
RSPB) (Moorcroft, Darren [email protected])
12. Rewilding Britain (rebecca wrigley [email protected])
13. Rewilding Europe (Frans Schepers [email protected])
14. Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (Nick Folkard [email protected])
15. TRAFFIC (Anastasiya Timoshyna [email protected])
16. Tropical Biology Association (TBA) (Rosie Trevelyan [email protected])
17. UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Centre (Lera Miles ([email protected]))
18. University of Cambridge (Professor Bill Sutherland [email protected])
19. Wetlands International (European Association) (Griffin, Cy [email protected])
20. Wild Europe (Toby Aykroyd [email protected])
21. WWF in Europe (Sabien Leemans [email protected] or Andreas Baumueller
[email protected])

The Endangered Landscapes Programme is funded by Arcadia – a charitable fund of Peter Baldwin
and Lisbet Rausing.

More details can be found in the How to apply section here.