Sandbar sharks


In addition to protecting this endangered flagship species, an increase in sandbar shark population indicates an increase in prey species biomass lower in the trophic web, as well as less disturbance by fishers and their boats, as a result of the no-fishing zones.


Akdeniz Koruma Derne─či (AKD) has observed an increase of 1.5 to 5.25 sightings per day in the last three years.

Photo credit: AKD



AKD have positioned four to six GoPro cameras along the known and anticipated swimming routes of sharks. Data is retrieved daily between April and September. Researchers have integrated AI machine learning to process the data and automate the detection of sharks, which will provide the final variable of number of shark sightings per day.

A solar-powered continuous monitoring system being installed by AKD to monitor sandbar shark numbers and activity at suspected sighting hotspots in May 2021. Photo credit: AKD.







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