Landscape & Seascape Restoration Monitoring Framework (archives.php)

Landscape & Seascape Restoration Monitoring Framework

The Landscape & Seascape Restoration Monitoring Framework provides guidance on how to select and design indicators to monitor the progress of landscape and seascape projects.

Power Analysis Primer

Guidance on conducting a power analysis when designing your monitoring.

Links to the methodology and code for analysing patterns and drivers of landscape fires using freely available satellite data

Extracting and processing fire and covariate data using Google Earth Engine and other publicly available datasets:

Landscape fires in Polesia: patterns, drivers, solutions

A summary of the importance of understanding the links between fire and ecosystem restoration, both in terms of the susceptibility of ecosystems to fire and its impacts. This is illustrated with a case study looking at the patterns and drivers of fires in the mires and forests of the Polesia landscape.

Endangered Landscapes Programme: Restoring Landscapes for Life (2022)

A short, 4-minute film developed in 2022 to launch the new 2022-2030 ELP strategy, and celebrate achievements from just some of our funded projects to date:

ELSP Strategy, 2022 – 2030

The Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme strategy, 2022 – 2030, published May 2022 and updated in April 2024 to provide direction and focus for its vision to restore landscapes across Europe, for the benefit of nature and people.