Endangered Landscapes Programme Funding Opportunities

Across Europe, centuries of use have resulted in many landscapes and seascapes that are ecologically degraded, fragmented, disconnected, missing key species and that are vulnerable to climate change.

The Endangered Landscapes Programme is working to demonstrate and deliver a vision for the future in which landscapes and seascapes:

  • Support viable populations of native species with the capacity for landscape-scale movement
  • Provide space for the natural functioning of ecological processes
  • Provide sustainable cultural, social and economic benefits to people
  • Are resilient to climate change

The ELP provides funding for the implementation of large-scale restoration initiatives that restore and harness ecosystem processes, bring back nature to degraded landscapes and seascapes, and revitalise local economies. Projects funded by the ELP are sources of inspiration, models of good practice, and foci for lesson-learning.

Read more about the landscapes currently being restored by the ELP on our Project pages and on our News page.

The Endangered Landscapes Programme is a partnership between the Cambridge Conservation Initiative and Arcadia, a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin.