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The Endangered Landscapes Programme and its partners are committed to producing and making available evidence, research papers, analysis, and tools that support the restoration of biodiversity and naturally functioning ecological processes to Europe’s landscapes.

ELP Documents

A growing collection of documents and materials relating to the Endangered Landscapes Programme can be found on this page.

Restoration Evidence

Restoration Evidence is a web-based resource which provides free, authoritative information to support decisions about how to restore habitats worldwide. It comprises a searchable database of the evidence for the effectiveness of conservation actions for the restoration of habitats and the species in them.

Restoration Evidence provides accessible summaries of the scientific evidence available for each management action, and an assessment of the effectiveness of each by an international expert panel. Topics covered include the restoration of forests, shrublands and peatlands, as well as aspects of other wetland habitats and grasslands.

Restoration Evidence is part of the Conservation Evidence project, created in collaboration with the Endangered Landscapes Programme.

For further information on Restoration Evidence please see: http://www.restorationevidence.org/

Web-based tools and resources for landscape restoration

There are a growing number of resources available which are of benefit to landscape restoration projects and practitioners. On this page you will find a selection of those that are most relevant. We invite you to share information on other useful sources that you are aware of. Please visit our contact page to get in touch.