Wiktor Bubniak / Shutterstock
Wiktor Bubniak / Shutterstock

The Endangered Landscapes Programme has two types of grant available.

Project Implementation Grants

Project Implementation Grants will be in the range of $2- $5M and have a maximum duration of five years. Application is by invitation only. This call for proposals has now closed, and you can read about the recipients of these grants here.

These grants will fund teams implementing projects where the aim is to create areas that are rich in biodiversity and resilient to environmental change. Grants will mainly support projects where teams are already established, plans developed and agreements have been reached among stakeholders, but where an injection of funding is needed to allow the project to proceed.

For further details, please download the ‘Project Implementation Grants – Guidance for applicants’ document here.

Project Innovation Grants

Project Innovation Grants will be up to $100,000 in value and last up to two years. There will be an open call for applications in early 2019.

The Endangered Landscapes Programme recognises that the consultation, participatory planning, research, analysis and team-building required for landscape-scale projects takes time and money, and may present a barrier to the development of new and innovative projects. With no commitment to fund the initiative after the planning phase, a small number of grants will support the work needed to build alliances and prepare plans (and funding proposals) for exciting and innovative new landscape initiatives. Up to six grants with an individual value not exceeding $100,000 are expected to be awarded. Grants will last up to two years. There will be an open call for applications in early 2019.

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