Endangered Landscapes Programme opens call for expressions of interest for Planning Grants

Posted: 24th October 2022

Photo: Daniel Rosengren

The Endangered Landscapes Programme has opened a call for expressions of interest for funding of up to US$100,000 for Landscape Restoration Planning Grants. To check your eligibility and before submitting an application, please read the guidance document. Please submit your details using our online form before 00.00 GMT on the 3rd February 2023.

Planning Grants

Restoring biodiversity and natural ecosystem processes at a landscape scale is a complex business. Engaging diverse stakeholders behind a shared vision, varied and fragmented land tenure, and the need for scientific evidence to support policy change, are just some of the challenges that may present barriers to the development of new initiatives.

The aim of Planning Grants is to catalyse the development of landscape restoration plans across Europe. Funding could support the work needed to build alliances, establish baselines for biodiversity, prepare landscape restoration plans, and/or draft funding proposals.

Please visit our Planning Grants pages to see the projects that have previously been funded. From the wetlands of Iceland that were drained for agriculture, to the Azov-Black Sea ecological corridor where development has degraded land and aquatic ecosystems, the potential exists across Europe to restore biodiversity and ecosystem processes to benefit nature, climate, and people.

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