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Eight landscapes for life announced!

Eight projects will provide a powerful demonstration of nature’s powers of recovery, and of the benefits to be won from…

8th October 2018

How can restoration practitioners be supported to make ‘evidence-based’ decisions?

How can restoration practitioners be supported to make ‘evidence-based’ decisions? This was the question being discussed at a workshop organised…

19th September 2018

Restoring marine ecosystems in south western Turkey: an interview with Zafer Kizilkaya

Zafer Kizilkaya is the President and co-founder of Akdeniz Koruma Dernegi, an NGO which aims to conserve natural habitats and…

12th June 2018

Making Space for Nature – past, present and future. A talk by Professor Sir John Lawton

Professor Sir John Lawton is chair of the Endangered Landscapes Programme’s Oversight and Selection Panel. Sir John has played a…

30th April 2018

What do we need to know to achieve Europe’s restoration targets?

A paper published today in the journal Biological Conservation identifies 100 questions that, if answered, would make a significant difference…

14th March 2018

Priority questions for landscape restoration in Europe workshop, 21-22 Nov 2017

Fragmentation and loss of habitat have been identified as key factors hampering biodiversity conservation in Europe. Experts are currently gathering…

21st November 2017