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Photo: AKD

First women marine rangers in Türkiye join patrol team

The first two women rangers have joined marine conservation patrols in Türkiye. Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme project partner Akdeniz…

8th March 2023

Researchers studying invasive species impact on algae ecosystem in Kas area of Mediterranean, Turkey

Bringing nature back: new report showcases five powerful European ecosystem restoration projects

Released today at the UN biodiversity summit COP15, a new report from the United Nations Environment Programme and the United…

13th December 2022

Bog Woodland with heather.

Fighting the climate crisis through landscape restoration

The 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (CoP27) is currently taking place in Egypt. As the climate…

11th November 2022

Fisher in boat holding a sea bream.

Invasive fish species on the menu for the Turkish public

Invasive fish species are on the increase in the Eastern Mediterranean. The climate crisis, combined with the migration of marine…

7th October 2022

Restaurant menus change to adapt to sea temperature rise in the Mediterranean

In the second episode of our landscape restoration and climate change mini-series, Matt Burnett, the Communications Coordinator for the Endangered…

3rd November 2021

Restoring nature puts food on the table

In the fourth of the rewards of nature restoration guest article series, Zafer Kizilkaya explains the economic benefits of restoring seascapes.…

18th August 2021