Our strategy is composed of five pillars: Funding restoration; exchanging experience; advancing and applying knowledge; amplifying our impact; and inspiring action. To find out more about how we are implementing our strategy, explore the pages and case studies below. You can find our full strategy on our resources page.

1. Funding restoration

Landscape restoration requires funding over the long-term: ecosystems and species populations may take decades to recover; co-development with local communities and landowners may be a slow process; and complex legal, institutional, and economic barriers may need to be overcome. Diverse funding that initiates and sustains the restoration process is critical to success. We fund inspirational restoration projects, provide grants for planning future landscape and seascape restoration initiatives, and explore with projects finance mechanisms that will support restoration in the long-term.

2. Exchanging experience

Recognising that there is a wealth of expertise across the projects we support, and within the Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI), we are building a community of practitioners for landscape and seascape restoration, facilitating networking and the exchange of information and experience between grantees and CCI partners. Through this we enhance the ability of individuals and organisations to carry out effective restoration, equipping them with the skills, knowledge and resources they need.


3. Advancing and applying knowledge

The restoration projects that we support take an evidence-based approach that is informed by scientific research, restoration practice, and the experience of local communities. We support projects to carefully monitor the ecological and socioeconomic impacts of their restoration activities, to increase effectiveness and demonstrate the multiple benefits of restoration.



4. Amplifying our impact

Landscape and seascape restoration is needed at an unprecedented scale if targets for biodiversity, climate and sustainable development are to be met. Through our showcase of projects and network of experienced restoration professionals we are working to influence policy and practice to help amplify the programme’s impact to meet those targets at local, national, and global scales.



5. Inspiring action

The projects that we support provide inspiring examples which show that the dual crises of biodiversity loss and climate change are not inevitable. Our projects prove that actions can be taken that reverse the decline in health of some of our most vital landscapes and seascapes, whilst our Artist Residencies help to explore peoples’ connection to place and nature and inspire local involvement in restoration.