Building and sharing a wealth of knowledge

The Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme supports outstanding organisations and individuals to plan and deliver large-scale restoration initiatives across Europe – in turn generating lessons, inspiring stories, and evidence-based case studies. This presents a significant opportunity for peer-to-peer learning and knowledge exchange among the network of grantees, and to share their experience more widely.

Knowledge exchange events

To facilitate this knowledge exchange, the Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme runs events such as webinars, knowledge network cafés, and knowledge exchange visits. Knowledge network cafés are an internal, unrecorded space for grantees to share and discuss lessons learned. Knowledge exchange visits allow grantees to visit other projects to see restoration actions on the ground.

Greater Côa Valley knowledge exchange visit

In July 2023, the Greater Côa Valley restoration landscape hosted a pivotal knowledge exchange visit, bringing together 21 participants from ten diverse landscape restoration projects. This four-day event, aligned with the Côa Festival of Arts, served as a vibrant exploration of the interplay between art, culture, and community engagement within a landscape restoration project. The visit sought to foster dialogue, share experiences, and ignite innovation. Key objectives encompassed stimulating discussions, on-site exploration of critical restoration areas, skill development, and network expansion within the ELSP community. Participants hailed from a broad spectrum of roles, including artists, communication specialists, and community engagement experts, adding a rich tapestry of perspectives. The exploration delved into Rewilding Portugal’s site-specific rewilding strategies, underscored the value of community engagement, and celebrated the transformative power of arts and culture. The visit affirmed the significance of collaboration, shared knowledge, and creative engagement to landscape and seascape restoration, leaving participants inspired and equipped to apply their newfound insights to their respective projects.