The Project

Romanian born music producer and DJ Nico de Transilvania, grew up close to the forests of Transylvania. Through collaboration with the communities of Carpathian villages, her residency explores how the biodiversity of the Carpathian Mountains is interconnected with local traditions. She is particularly interested in giving voice to elders from Romanian forest communities, since their traditional music centres around human connections with natural cycles.

Nico de Transilvania is developing a multi-media installation called ‘I N T E R B E I N G’ combining music, film, photography and the written word. The traditional Romanian songs and forest soundscapes will be combined with new electronic sounds showcasing the interconnectedness between nature and people whilst also bridging multiple generations. The resulting tracks will share the joy and importance of restoring the forests, and will be performed to a wide audience at Făgăraș Fest, a sustainable outdoor festival which celebrates the Carpathian Mountains in August.

This project has been established through the Endangered Landscapes Artist Residencies and Arts Prize – a new collaboration between the Endangered Landscapes Programme and the CCI Arts, Science and Conservation Programme.

The Artist

Nico de Transilvania

Using music and film, Nico de Transilvania showcases Romania’s natural and cultural heritage to tell stories, link generations and dissolve barriers. Connections between cultural and ecological ecosystems are central to Nico’s creative practice. She sees celebrating ancient traditions, instruments and folk songs as intrinsically linked to environmental preservation. Nico is also involved with an initiative called Forests Without Frontiers, with the aim of planting trees for the future generations with the help of music and arts.

Quick Facts