The Project

In close collaboration with local communities, Raphaele Acquaviva and Mathilde Fages’ residency will be a sensory exploration of the Danube Delta – using sound, cartography and personal narrative.  Through conversations, participatory practice and observation, they will explore the Delta’s biodiversity and people’s relationships with their changing landscape. Acquaviva and Fages will explore scale, from micro to macro, the wide range of landscape use in the delta, and the passing of time and landscape mythologies. The residency will culminate in the creation of a sensory map which gives voice to both the people and the landscape they live within.

This project has been established through the Endangered Landscapes Artist Residencies and Arts Prize – a new collaboration between the Endangered Landscapes Programme and the  CCI Arts, Science and Conservation Programme.

The Artists

Raphaele Acquaviva

A graduate from La Sorbonne University and the National School of Landscape Architecture of Versailles, Raphaele Acquaviva is a landscape architect and sociologist, and her practice straddles these disciplines. Acquaviva uses video, photography and writing to explore links between territories, personal narratives, perceptions, and local mythologies, and builds dynamic discourses that reveal and interpret landscapes in transformation.

Mathilde Fages

Mathilde Fages is a multidisciplinary artist working with different media. A graduate of the Villa Arson in Nice, she uses photography, engraving, lithography and drawings to question how landscapes are represented and to express emotional connections. Often her work disrupts familiar patterns – mixing fragments, sounds, smells, and visuals to create scenes that reconfigure reality – and offering a new, diverse understanding of a territory.