Photograph by Milos Balla

Reconnecting the Latorica river floodplain landscape in a transboundary context

Project Context and Aim

The meandering Latorica river flows from Ukraine into Slovakia. It forms a unique landscape of oxbow lakes, soft and hardwood floodplain forests, grasslands, and meadows. This is an important migration corridor and breeding habitat for rare and threatened bird species, and also a significant number of indigenous fish species. Despite a patchwork of protected area designations, the landscape and biodiversity are threatened by climate change and decreasing water availability. Through a combination of reconnecting and seasonal rewetting of floodplains, as well as active transboundary management, the project envisions a restored wetland landscape. That landscape extends up to 38,000 ha and will support abundant biodiversity, flood and drought protection, whilst also providing sustainable livelihoods from nature friendly land management. Stakeholders from both countries will be brought together to share knowledge and understanding to co-develop a framework for the restoration of the landscape.

Project Partners

Wetlands International European Association
State Nature Conservancy
Slovak Ornithological Society/BirdLife Slovakia
Slovak Water Management Enterprise
Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute
Danube-Carpathian Programme
State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine (SAWR)
Slovak Water Management Enterprise (SVP)

Quick Facts

ELSP funding

US$ 99,976

Duration of grant

October 2023 - September 2025

Lead Organisation

Wetlands International European Association

Project Gallery

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