Restoring the Mediterranean montado landscape of Margem Esquerda, Eastern Guadiana

Project Context and Aim

Southern Portugal’s unique 250,000 ha landscape of eastern Guadiana includes a mosaic of rare Mediterranean montado habitat that supports some of the highest levels of biodiversity found in any cultural agro-ecosystem. Two Natura 2000 sites each harbour around 100 species of European importance, including the globally threatened Iberian lynx and Spanish imperial eagle. Intensification and abandonment of land have, however, led to encroachment of woody shrubs and forest, and loss of the unique habitat mosaic which is characteristic of the area.

This project will plan restoration of a wilder, multi-functional and resilient landscape, whose improved habitats would be expected to harbour more complete communities of predators, prey and scavengers. It will also consider how to enhance local livelihoods based on self-sustaining natural resources and enhanced tourism.

Project Partners

Liga para a Protecção da Natureza (LPN)
University of Cambridge

Project Gallery

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