Restoring the Mediterranean montado landscape of Margem Esquerda, Eastern Guadiana

Project Achievements

Southern Portugal’s unique 250,000 ha landscape of eastern Guadiana includes a mosaic of rare Mediterranean montado habitat that supports some of the highest levels of biodiversity found in any cultural agro-ecosystem. Two Natura 2000 sites each harbour around 100 species of European importance, including the globally threatened Iberian lynx and Spanish imperial eagle. Intensification and abandonment of land have, however, led to encroachment of woody shrubs and forest, and loss of the unique habitat mosaic which is characteristic of the area.

Using remote sensing, baseline maps of landscape-level restoration opportunity were produced and a climate impact assessment was undertaken by the project. Working with key stakeholders this information was used to inform the development of a co-designed restoration plan that outlines the actions required to restore a wilder, multi-functional and climate resilient landscape, whose improved habitats should harbour a more complete community of predators, prey and scavengers.

The project will continue to build support and to raise resources for the delivery of the landscape restoration plan. Funding has been secured from the LIFE Programme to support recovery work on the black vulture, a keystone species for the landscape.

Project Partners

Liga para a Protecção da Natureza (LPN)
University of Cambridge
Fauna & Flora

Quick Facts

ELSP funding

US$ 101,780

Duration of grant

November 2019 – May 2021

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