Racha-Likhi Ridge


Racha-Likhi Ridge: Enhancing Landscape Connectivity and Resilience

Project Context and Aim

The project area extends over 153,000 ha and relates to the Racha Ridge and Likhi Ridge – the only natural corridor between the Greater and Lesser Caucasus. It is an important water catchment area and hosts a wealth of species including the endemic Caucasian grouse. The unsustainable management of forests and grasslands has led to the extensive degradation and fragmentation of the ridge’s habitats. The aim of the project is to develop a comprehensive plan for the large-scale restoration of key habitats and ecological connectivity that benefits nature and people. By mapping stakeholders’ attitudes towards conservation and restoration, the project will facilitate better networking and provide a platform for coordinated decision-making. It will assess the feasibility of reintroducing large wild herbivores, including the European bison.

Project Partners

Racha Community Organization
Green Alternative
For Shkmeri
Mtis Ambebi
Agency of Protected Areas (Georgia)
Environmental Information and Education Centre

Quick Facts

ELSP funding

US$ 90,000

Duration of grant

October 2023 -

Lead Organisation


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