Restoring the Ticino River Basin ecological corridor

Project Context and Aim

Shared by Switzerland and Italy, the 250 km-long Ticino river is a functional terrestrial and aquatic ecological corridor connecting the Alps, the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea. Its myriad habitats harbour globally threatened species such as Adriatic sturgeon, white-clawed crayfish and Piedmont quillwort. However, intensive agriculture, urbanisation, development infrastructure and industrialisation have degraded native habitats.

Through a vision characterised as ‘one river – many systems – one landscape’, this project will develop a transboundary plan that would seek to restore landscapes and natural functionality, encourage sustainable livelihoods, enhance ecosystem services and foster resilience to climate change.

Project Partners

Istituto Oikos
Lago Maggiore (regional park – Italy)
Piano di Magadino Cantonal Park
Bolle di Magadino Foundation
Dipartimento del Territorio / Office for Nature and Landscape (Switzerland)
LIPU (BirdLife Italy)
Italian Centre for River Restoration (CIRF)
University of Insubria
University of Milan
Varese Province (Italy)
Pavia Province Authority (Italy)
Idrogea Servizi

Project Gallery

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