Restoring Landscapes and Seascapes for Life

The Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme introduces a positive and optimistic agenda for action, reversing biodiversity loss and providing inspiration for a fundamental shift in the policy and practice of nature conservation.

We do this primarily through the funding of projects which share our vision to restore Europe’s most treasured, but endangered, landscapes. While representing the diversity of Europe’s landscapes, cultures and histories, projects funded by the Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme all share a common feature; they are all working to create a sustainable and hopeful future where both people and nature can thrive. They are creating landscapes for life.

Our core Programme funding is enabling on-the-ground implementation of large-scale restoration work, the planning of new, innovative restoration initiatives, as well as overcoming barriers to landscape restoration in Europe.

Find out more about the Programme’s vision, or explore the projects we fund below.

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Restoration Landscapes

Bringing biodiversity back to degraded landscapes and restoring natural processes, these projects are providing inspiration for a fundamental shift in the way people engage with nature and foci for lesson-learning.

Planning Grants

New, innovative restoration initiatives are being catalysed by projects undertaking preparatory work for the creation of extensive, connected, resilient landscapes that provide habitat for Europe’s native wildlife.

Advancing and Applying Knowledge Projects

Harnessing expertise from the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, the Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme funding is helping to overcome barriers to landscape-scale restoration in Europe through collaborative projects which are building capacity and developing new knowledge, tools and evidence.

Explore our projects

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