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Funding Ecosystem Restoration in Europe

As part of an ELP-funded Enabling Project, UNEP-WCMC and Fauna & Flora International developed a tool to demystify the funding landscape for ecosystem restoration in Europe. Their ELP Restoration Funding Brochure is coupled with a freely available database of over 400 ecosystem restoration projects.

ELP Annual Review 2019

The ELP published it’s first Annual Review in spring 2020, reflecting on the achievements and challenges faced by the Programme and its funded project in 2019.

One hundred priority questions for landscape restoration in Europe

In order to identify and prioritise possible research directions, the Endangered Landscapes Programme convened a group of more than 40 experts in landscape restoration to identify ‘‘One hundred priority questions for landscape restoration in Europe’. The experts met to identify the one hundred questions that, if answered, would make a substantial difference to our ability…

Project Indicators

A full list of the ecological, societal and ecosystem services indicators being used across our Implementation Projects to monitor their progress and demonstrate the impacts of their activities.

Monitoring Framework

The ELP Monitoring Framework, which has been applied across our Implementation Projects, provides guidance for designing monitoring plans and identifying appropriate indicators for large-scale restoration initiatives.

Making space for nature: past, present and future

In this hour-long talk, Professor Sir John Lawton explores past, present and future objectives and strategies for nature conservation in the UK, from Charles Rothschild’s early attempts to preserve the last remnants of wild nature in 1912, to a future that embraces restoration. Recorded in April 2018.