Cumbria Connect Climate Change Mitigation Summary (archives.php)

Cumbria Connect Climate Change Mitigation Summary

For this project, these interventions include afforestation on grassland and rewetting drained peatland.

Cairngorms Connect Climate Change Mitigation Summary

The interventions covered in this assessment include peatland re-wetting, expansion of native woodlands across heather moorland, restructuring of Scot’s pine plantations, and the removal of non-native plantations. Cairngorms Connect also undertake collaborative deer management, to allow woodland expansion and peatland recovery, and restoration of floodplain mire and fen.

Solent Seascape Climate Change Mitigation Summary

For this project, interventions include afforestation on heather moorland, restructuring plantations to allow regeneration and rewetting drained peatlands.

Policy Brief: Nature-based solutions to climate change

The Endangered Landscapes Programme (ELP) is advancing large-scale restoration of marine and terrestrial habitats at 18 locations across Europe, reversing impacts of unsustainable use and creating places that deliver long-term benefits for nature, climate, and people.

Climate Change Mitigation in the ELSP

This report demonstrates how restoration practitioners can use existing tools, methodologies and data to rapidly estimate the potential climate change mitigation benefits of specific restoration activities. More specifically, it reveals (through an assessment of existing Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme projects) how interventions aimed at enhancing biodiversity can help fight climate change.

Guidance: Individual Behavioural Assessment Framework

This guidance relates to the Individual Behavioural Assessment Tool, which can be used to assess and develop the Categories of Behaviours and Competencies required by teams and individuals for a successful partnership.