Polesia Climate Change Mitigation Summary (archives.php)

Polesia Climate Change Mitigation Summary

For this landscape, the interventions include rewetting drained peatlands and avoiding emissions from deforestation.

Mura-Drava-Danube Climate Change Mitigation Summary

The interventions included in this assessment are the removal of non-native forest and cropland, the creation of native forest and grassland and the introduction of native cows.

Iron Curtain to Green Belt Climate Change Mitigation Summary

Carbon benefits in this project are achieved by reforesting burned areas, restoring grasslands and reducing forest degradation by encouraging native oak forest growth.

Iberian Highlands Climate Change Mitigation Summary

In this project, restoration is achieved by passive rewilding. Carbon benefits are due to resulting improvements in ecosystem condition and reduced fire risk.

Policy Brief: Nature-based solutions to climate change

The Endangered Landscapes Programme (ELP) is advancing large-scale restoration of marine and terrestrial habitats at 18 locations across Europe, reversing impacts of unsustainable use and creating places that deliver long-term benefits for nature, climate, and people.

Climate Change Mitigation in the ELSP

This report demonstrates how restoration practitioners can use existing tools, methodologies and data to rapidly estimate the potential climate change mitigation benefits of specific restoration activities. More specifically, it reveals (through an assessment of existing Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme projects) how interventions aimed at enhancing biodiversity can help fight climate change.